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April 2014

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St A n t h o n y M e s s e n g e r . o r g 5 4 ❘ A p r i l 2 0 1 4 A C A T H O L I C M O M S P E A K S ❘ B Y S U S A N H I N E S - B R I G G E R Why Moms Don't Meditate O ver the past few months, I have been trying to be- come more meditative. It was part of my New Year's resolution, having found myself drifting away from the reflective nature of my faith, focusing more on the actions than the message. Mass had become less about being spiritu- ally connected; more about making sure that my kids were paying atten- tion. So I signed up for a one-hour, once-a-week class on meditation at a local retreat center. It was a nice escape for an hour for this full-time working wife, mom, and caregiver. That hour each week became my blocked-off time to decompress, pray, reflect, and shut out everything else. In fact, I came to enjoy it so much that a few weeks ago I thought maybe I would try to incorporate it more into my everyday life. Thanks to kids' schedules and family obliga- tions, I was finding myself missing more and more classes, so I decided to re-create my spiritual escape at home. That was my first mistake. Meditation Gone Wrong I retreated to the basement, grabbed a CD of meditative music I had got- ten for Christmas, laid out a blanket, and hit Play. I had barely sat down when our dog began to tug at the blanket. I corrected her and continued my practice. A few seconds in, I opened my eyes to see my 8-year-old daughter, Riley, standing over me. "Whatever it is you're doing, can I do it with you?" I grumbled a bit, but said, "Sure." "By the way, what are you doing?" "Meditating." "Oh, OK." Two minutes later, another kid had joined us. I repeated the previ- ous conversation. And then another came along. Didn't these kids have anything else to do? Suddenly I had four kids and a dog all attempting to meditate with me. It quickly became obvious to me that if the whole point of doing this was to relax, it was not going to work. Not wanting to discourage my children's interest, and quite frankly hoping it might keep them calm— and quiet—for a while, I excused myself, went upstairs to the kitchen, and got a bowl of ice cream. It seemed the next-best means of relax- ation and peace. Time to Meditate After I finished my ice cream, I decided to try again, this time in a

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